AIIMS Entrance Exam Model Paper 2014, AIIMS Entrance 2014 Paper

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AIIMS Entrance Exam Model Paper For Entrance Test

AIIMS Entrance Exam Model Paper:
1. Mark the correct statement (wrt-growth)
(a) Only living organisms shows
(b) Plants grow only up to a certain age
(c) The growth in living organisms is from inside
(d) All of these
Answer: c)

3. Which one statement is correct about male and female gametophyte?
(a) In bryophytes and homosporous pteridophytes they have independent free-living existence
(b) In angiosperms female gametophyte 8 neucleted and mature male gametophyte 3 neucleted
(c) Both 1 and 2
(d) In bryophytes, pteridophytes and angiosperms they have free-living life. They remain in sporangia which a retained on sporophytes.
Answer: c)

4. Which of the following is an incorrect match?
(a) Perigynous flower – Plum, rose and peach
(b) Monadelphous – Pea
(c) Epigynous flower – Guava, cucumber, and ray florets to sunflower
(d) Polyadelphous – Citrus
Answer: b)

5. I. Forms major component of plant organs
II. Cell wall – thin, cellulosic
III. Shape of cells – generally isodiametric
IV. Intercellular space – Present/absent
V. Photosynthetic, storage or secretory in function
The above charcters are attributed to –
(1) Collenchyma (2) Parenchyma
(3) Scelernchyma (4) Vascular tissue
Answer: 2)

6. Match the column I with column II correctly –
Column I Column II
Various types of cell and organism Size
A. Typical bacteria I. 10 – 20 mm
B. Viruses II. 1 – 2 mm
C. PPLO III. 0.1 mm
D. Atypical eukarytic cells IV. 0.02 – 0.2 mm
The correct matching is –
(1) A – II, B – IV, C – III, D – I
(2) A – I, B – II, C – III, D – IV
(3) A – IV, B – III, C – IV, D – I
(4) A – II, B – IV, C – I, D – III
Answer: (1)

7. Agar is commercially obtained from –
(1) Laminaria (2) Gelidium
(3) Sargassum (4) Spirullina
Answer is number 2.

8. Bacteria reproduce mainly by –
(1) Fission (2) Endospore
(3) Se xual reproduction (4) Budding
The answer is number 1.

9. Zygomorphic flower with vexillary aestivation, monocarpellary, unilocular, superior, marginal placentation etc. are very important characters of fabaceae, which one is very important caracter of stamens in this family?
(a) Monothecous stamen (b) Diadelphous stamen
(c) Monoadelphous stamen (d) Epipetalous stamen
The answer is b.

10. In DNa fingerprinting –
(a) Identical twins gives different result
(b) Multiple restriction enzyme digests/generate unit fragments
(c) The polymerase chain reaction can not amplifies lesser amount of DNA
(d) The variability of repeated sequence between two restriction sites is evaluated.
The answer is d.

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